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3007. Lucy Faulconer

Lucy was arrested by Yankee soldiers in 1864 and accused of
smuggling for the Confederacy. She was confined for several
days in Jail #3, a military prison for women in Vicksburg.
During the war, Lucy lost everything but her land. A court
ruling at the end of the war allowed her to rent the land for
$500. During Reconstruction, Lucy moved into Vicksburg and
operated a boarding house.

William R. Highlander

Lucy and William moved to Warren County, Mississippi in 1835,
where he bought a 320 acre plantation near Antioch Baptist
Church on Fisher Ferry Road, name Poplar Hall. William owned 47
slaves. He made his will of 2 Apr 1852 and died four days

4828. William , Csa Highlander

William served in the Vicksburg Artillery. On 13 Nov 1861, he
joined Co. L of WoddÕs Confederate Cavalry for the duration of
the war.

4829. John Highlander

No mention of him after 1860.

4830. George Highlander

No mention of him after 1860.

Ammie Hammer

in childbirth

Ammie died in childbirth, as did the baby.

3013. Burwell Coleman

Burwell and Sarah had 12 children. He was a large
landowner/slaveholder. When John Brown went to the scaffold,
Burwell was part of the military guard.

??? Ester Davis

A widow.



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