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Free Genealogy Resources of Descendants of Robert Coleman Sr. from AD 1622


George Faulconer

Nancy was the second wife of George Faulconer.

2996. Kemp Faulconer

Kemp served in the War of 1812. By the 1850Õs he was living in
Vinton County, Ohio.

3008. Wilson Coleman

Went to Missouri before 1861.

3010. Thomas , Csa Coleman

Thomas was wounded in PickettÕs Charge at Gettysburg.

3011. Joseph , Csa Coleman

Joseph was wounded in PickettÕs Charge at Gettysburg.

3012. John , Csa Coleman

Died in Richmond while in the service. His son Frazier Coleman
took his place in the regiment.

3019. John Coleman

Moved to Kansas City, Missouri.

Hugh F. Blaydes

Mary and Hugh lived at the Coleman ancestral home in
Spotsylvania County, Virginia. Hugh was in Company E, 30th VA
Regiment, CSA and was killed in a battle around Dinwiddie
Courthouse on 31 Mar 1865.

1457. Lewis Littlepage Coleman

Moved to Huntsville, Alabama and then to Jackson, Tennessee.

1467. James Kay Coleman


Luther Duke

Lived in Kentucky in 1894.

3065. Thomas Coleman

of tuberculosis



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