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Free Genealogy Resources of Descendants of Robert Coleman Sr. from AD 1622


Thomas Burbage , Jr. Coleman

Thomas and Mary lived in Caroline Co. at ÒLandoraÓ, along the
Nortanna River. Thomas served in the House of Delegates of
Virginia from 1825-1827.

2912. Lewis Minor Coleman

Lewis owened a private school for boys called Hanover Academy.
He was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Virginia Artillery, CSA, and
died from lingering wounds suffered in the Battle of

2914. Robert Thomas Coleman Dr.

Robert served as Surgeon-in-Chief, Stonewall Brigade, CSA. His
birth date has traditionally been listed as 3 Sep 1834, but his
father was deceased by 8 Nov 1832, the date his mother married
her second husband, Dr. George Fleming.

George W. Fleming

WB 6, p. 20 Hanover Co. VA

William Dickenson

Fanny was WilliamÕs second wife.

1405. John W. Coleman

John was a merchant in Fredericksburg, but owned an estate in
Stafford County called ÒLocklomanÓ, where he was buried.

2929. W. Ray , Csa Coleman

Ray served with the 30th Virginia Infantry Regmt. Co. F.

2930. Charles J. Coleman

Charles died unmarried and predeceased his father. He is buried
in the Masonic Cemetery in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

1414. Ambrose Coleman

Ambrose was a private in the Kentucky Militia, War of 1812, and
drew a pension until his death. In 1849, Ambrose and Sarah
migrated to California. He mined for gold on the Feather River
for two years before moving to Sonomo County. There, he farmed
and raised stock until his death.

Joseph George

Joseph was killed in the War of 1812.

2990. Joel DuPuy Sublette Dr.

typhoid fever

Reuben Morris

Lived in Kentucky.

2995. Robert Morris

Robert inherited $50 from his grandfather James Coleman who died
in 1831, but his brother and sisters were disinherited: ÒIn
regard to the children of my deceased daughter Mary Morris of
Kentucky, as they have all except Robert Morris, which I have
given a legacy, joined a religious society called the Shaking
Quakers of that state and it being a fixed rule of that Society
to make all the members give to the head of the society all
their property, I do not wish any of my estate to go to them.
Therefore I give to my grandchildren who have joined the Shaking
Quakers nothing.Ó



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