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Free Genealogy Resources of Descendants of Robert Coleman Sr. from AD 1622


1150. Florence Marian Martin

When Florence became ill, she lived in the house to the South
East of Frank & Margie Anthony house. Frank had the house built
for his mother. Florence was known as "Nannie" to everyone. She
was a devout Christian and enjoyed Billy Graham.

2644. John Darius , Csa Coleman

John fought for the Confederacy. His brother Lafayette took his
place so John could go home for EvanÕs birth. Lafayette was
killed and buried on the banks of the Mississippi River.

Aria Ashford

Aria has suffered many miscarriages and was brought to Texas on
featherbeds to prevent another one. Their son, Evan Lafayette
Coleman, was their only child.

2645. James William Coleman

James and Levanda moved to Missouri around 1855 and had five

2647. Lafayette Coleman

Lafayette died in the War Between the States.

2653. Pedifore Coleman Rev.

Never married.



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