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2503. Mary Jane Edwards

in childbirth

Died in childbirth.

2522. William B. , Jr. (Csa) Long

William never married. As a conferate soldier, he was sent home
to die after contracting dysentery on a norther campaign.

2523. John , Csa Long

Unmarried, John was killed in the Battle of Riddleshop,

2528. James , Csa Long Dr.

Dr. Long never married. He served as a field surgeon for
General Fitzhugh Lee. After contracting a disease on a campaign
in the north, he was honorably discharged and sent home. After
he regained his health, he returned to the army and joined LeeÕs
Cavalry. Dr. Long was the first to advocate that patients with
fever drink large quantities of cold water. For this unorthodox
treatment, he was almost cited for contempt by a medical board.
Fortunately, General Lee intervened when he discovered that the
mortality rate of Dr. LongÕs patients was lower than for most of
the doctors. Dr. Long was commended rather than reprimanded and
this attracted the attention of the Union Surgeon Board. Under
a flag of truce, the Union surgeons sent a committee to observe
Dr. LongÕs treatment.

2530. Thomas , Csa Long

Died of pneumonia in Virginia.

2541. William Marion , Csa Cox

William enlisted in Co. 1, 18th Texas Cavalry on 1 Mar 1862. At
the time he enlisted, he had a horse worth $100 and equipment
worth $10. William was captured in Arkansas 11 Jan 1863 and
taken to Camp Douglas (Chicago) where he died of enteritis.

2542. Sidney Riggs , Csa Cox

Sidney enlisted 1 Dec 1861 in Co. D, 10th Regiment, Texas
Cavalry. His military record shows he was absent from his
company in Feb 1863 to drive CSA wagons. The last known record
of Sidney was a hospital register from the Ocmulgee Hospital in
Macon, Georgia showing Sidney was admitted as a patient 9 Aug
1864 with a high thigh wound and gangreen. He was transfered to
an unknown location on 25 Aug 1864 and nothing further is known
of him.

2543. Ira McMillan , Csa Cox

Ira enlisted in Co. G. 17th Texas Cavalry on 1 Mar 1862. His
horse was worth $140 and his equipment was worth $25. On 11 Jan
1863, Ira was captured in Arkansas and taken to Camp Douglas
(Chicago). One military record shows he died of erysipelas,
while another indicates he died of apoplexy.

2546. Lewis Ibzan Cox

Lewis enlisted in the CSA in 1864. He made buttons and guarded
government buildings.



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