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Free Genealogy Resources of Descendants of Robert Coleman Sr. from AD 1622


664. Wilson Coleman

Wilson died intestate. On 28 Sep 1818, letters of
administration were granted on his estate to his brother Thomas
Coleman (WB 5, p. 277, Orange Co.) Brother James Colemand and
his wife Elizabeth conveyed property on 20 Feb 1825 to Thomas
Coleman as Administrator of WilsonÕs estate for the benefit of
WilsonÕs children. The names of his children appear in the
deed, and James named a brother. (DB 31, p. 134, Orange Co.) DB
27, p. 37, Orange Co., shows Wilson acquiring control of his
fatherÕs plantation ÒOrange SpringsÓ on 6 Aug 1816 from his
brothers and sisters and their spouses: Thomas Coleman,
Catherine Sale, James Coleman, and Elizabeth Grasty.

Lucy Coleman

Wilson and Lucy lived in Caroline and Orange Counties, Virginia.

1482. Robert Coleman

Never married.

1484. George Wilson Coleman Rev.

Never married.

Goodrich Lightfoot Grasty

WB 8, pp. 25-32, Orange Co. Records

666. Sarah ÒSallyÓ Coleman

There were probably other children of Robert and Sarah Coleman.

Robert L. Coleman

Robert and Sally lived in Amherst County, Virginia

1501. Rebecca K. Coleman

I have the marr. bond for my gr gr grandmother Rebecca COLEMAN
who marr. James JONES 12/14/1819 in Mason County, Ky. Her
parents were Farish COLEMAN & Elizabeth CAMP. She required
permission to get married. Can someone tell me what age a girl
could get marr. in Ky. without signed conscent ? This would help
me determine her date of birth. I have 3

children for Farish & Elizabeth being: John Camp COLEMAN,
Rebecca Kay COLEMAN & Thomas Pollard COLEMAN. Thomas born 1804 &
marr 1826 to Angelina NORRIS in Mason County, Ky. I have found a
court record dated 1802 listing Farish COLEMAN & Catherine
COLEMAN as plaintiffs in

Caroline County, Va.

Robert Spilsbe Coleman

DB H, p. 311, Spotsylvania Co.

679. Thomas Coleman

Thomas and Nancy moved to Kentucky about 1810/12. Thomas was a
wealthy farmer and slaveholder.

680. Pamelia Coleman

Pamela and George settled in Adair County, Kenutucky.

684. Nellie Coleman

Nellie left her entire estate to daughter Salina who had not



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