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Free Genealogy Resources of Descendants of Robert Coleman Sr. from AD 1622


465. James Coleman

James was on the 1782 Mecklenburg Co. census with 1 white, 5

473. Thomas Coleman

Thomas inherited his fatherÕs land on both sides of the Meherrin
River, including the Mill. At the time of his death, Thomas
owned 52 slaves. The bulk of his property (plantation home,
contents, crops, land, and slaves) was left to his wife Sally,
but she predeceased him by a year. Their oldest daughter,
Eliza, inherited. Each of the boys were left a parcel of land
amd a slave. The girls received a feather bed and accompanying
furniture, and a slave.

475. Haynes Lawrence II Morgan

Haynes and his family moved to North Carolina in 1818.

481. Nathaniel Barksdale Capt.

Capt. Barksdale was a planter in Halifax Co. until 1827 when he
migrated to Carroll Co. TN.

1236. Frances Barksdale

Died unmarried.



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