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405. Thomas Milton Cash

Died by suicide in Cooper, MO.

1132. Perlie Cash

Died in Infancy.

417. William Henry Cash

William and Martha Cash are buried in Sonora Cemetery, Sonora,
Hardin Co., Kentucky. Information on William and Martha was
furnished by William N. Cash from Vista, California. He and his
wife attended the Cash Family Reunion held in Montrose, Missouri
in 1987.

419. James Daniel , Sr. Martin

He was a District Judge in San Antonio, TX.

His father, Colonel E.D. Martin, moved to Texas from North
Carolina in 1826.

The following was taken from "San Antonio Express", date
unknown, of J.D. MARTIN, SR. obituary.

"Judge Martin began to practice law in Waco in 1870.

He moved to Beaumont, TX. in 1898, where he was elected Judge of
the 58th Judicial Court of Texas.

He practiced law 54 years in Texas."

1145. John Randolph Martin

John and Anna lived in San Antonio, TX.

1146. James D. , Jr. Martin

James lived in San Antonio, TX.

1152. Charles A. Martin

Charles lived in Waco, TX.

422. Richard Coleman

In 1810, Richard was living in Edgefield County, South Carolina.

1171. Richard Jefferson Clayton




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