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292. Robert Edward Coleman

info from Pensions Application

info from Penion Application

Robert served in the American Revolution under the command of
his cousin Captain Francis ÒFrankÓ Coleman. Robert was paid for
provisions furnished the Continental Arrmy. (Minute Book.
1774-82, p. 213, Spotsylvania Co. Records) Pension #S19255.
Robert moved to Mercer County, Kentucky around 1800, returned to
Virginia, and settled in Mercer County in 1804.

840. George Coleman

No record of him in Kentucky.

293. James C. Coleman

James was in the American Revolution. He moved his family from Orange Co. VA to Woodford Co., KY in 1793.

294. Thomas Coleman

Thomas and Ann were living in Madison County, Virginia when his
brother James conveyed a part of their fatherÕs land to Thomas
on 13 Mar 1804. (DB Q, p. 373, Spotsylvania Co. Records) At the
time the deed was written, James and Sarah were living in
Woodford County, Kentucky.

850. Benjamin Coleman

Married and went to Indiana.

295. Phoebe Coleman

Phoebe and Robert lived in Caroline County, Virginia, evidenced
by a deed dated 4 Apr 1788 (DB L, Spotsylvania Co. Records).

298. Catherine ÒCatyÓ Coleman

Caty and Reuben moved to Adair County, Kentucky.

896. Catharine Richards

Never married.

318. Whitehead Coleman

Whitehead was in the American Revolution and received 300 acres
of Kentucky land for his service. (BLWT.467-300-Capt.)
Whitehead inherited all his fatherÕs land in Spotsylvania,
Orange, and Culpeper Counties.

322. Francis Coleman

Francis was a Captain of Militia, American Revolution (OB
1774-82, p. 523, Spotsylvania Co. Records). He lived in
Spotsylvania County until he sold his property abt 1800 and
moved to Kentucky. Warrant 457 for 200 acres was issued 17 Jan
1800 to James Taylor, assignee of Francis Coleman, heir for the
service of Richard Coleman as Lieutenant in the Revolution.
Recorded under BLWT.457-200-Lieut. and BLWT.2711.

898. Richard M. Coleman Dr.

War of 1812.



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