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6939. William Lawrence Hardin

Born at 1618 Hobart St. N.W., Washington, D.C. Died in Rock
Hill, SC. Buried with his wife in the family plot at Live Oak
Cemetery in Walterboro, SC.

"My father lied about his age all the time while growing up.
When he reached his forties, he used to laugh and tell me that
he had already spent more time filling out government forms
trying to correct his age than he had spent as a teenager
filling out applications saying that he was older than he really
was. This continued through his retirement, and I believe there
was one query about his age even after he died. As a result,
whenever I am faced with two similar but different documentary
ages for people, I always accept the younger date for men but,
for women, if the younger date is placed where it can be
compared with their husband's birth date, such as in their
husband's family bible, I accept the older date. No rule is
always true where human nature is involved." (Lawrence Glenn
Hardin - 1995)

8005. Lawrence Glenn Hardin

A baby boy was stillborn on February 16, 1949 in Walterboro, SC,
and is buried in the family plot at Live Oak Cemetery in
Walterboro, SC, with a marker stone inscribed Lawrence Glenn
Hardin. The next child born was a son and was given the same
name, a genealogist's nightmare.

6941. Elizabeth Carroll Glenn

Article about her on pages 208-209 of "Heritage History of
Chester County, South Carolina", 1982.

John Lee , Jr. Sullivan

Buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Chester, SC.



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