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52. Mary Coleman

The family Bible lists her birth year as 1726 but the Parish
Register says 1729.

54. Dianna Coleman

Diana may have married John William(s).

57. Richard Coleman

Johannah Coleman was on the 1770 Gloucester Co. tithe list with
her dower of 200 acres charged to her son ThomasÕ estate. The
estate of Thomas Coleman, Gloucester Co. 1770, was 566 acres,
200 of which were his motherÕs. Richard would have been on the
tithe list if he had been alive in 1770.

16. Thomas Coleman

Thomas was of both Essex Co. & St. StephenÕs Parish, King &
Queen Co. On the King & Queen Co. Rent Rolls of 1704, he was
charged with 300 acres. On 19 Jun 1716, Thomas bought 542 acres
in Essex Co. adjoining GilliamÕs Swamp from James Boughan of
Essex Co. (D & WB 14, p. 598, Essex Co. Records) This land was
patented by Boughan on 17 Dec 1714.

On 17 Apr 1722, Thomas bought 150 acres from John Tatum, son of
Abel Tatum. He also bought 150 acres from Stephen Benbridge.
On 5 sep 1723 (Pat. Bk. 11, p. 234) Thomas was granted 540 acres
of land in the Parish of S. Farnham, Essex Co. By deed of 16
Oct 1760, ThomasÕ son Robert and wife Sarah of Culpepper Co.,
and son Thomas and wife Milly of King & Queen Co. conveyed 540
acres in Essex Co. to Richard Hill. The deed says it is the
land on which Thomas Coleman of Esses Co., lived. (D & WB 13, p.
598, Essex Co. Records)

64. Richard Lort Coleman

No wife or children have been identified with this Richard. He
was living in Culpeper Co. in 1746. In 1748, Richard inherited
his fatherÕs Òold plantation in this country (King & Queen) with
all the land thereuntoÓ. Richard was living in St. StephenÕs
Parish, King & Queen Co., on 20 Nov 1752 when he sold to his
cousin Robert Spilsbe Coleman of Drysdale Parish, 300 acres in
Culpeper co. The Culpeper land was part of a tract patented by
Robert Coleman on 29 Sep 1732 and conveyed to Richard Lort
Coleman on 24 Sep 1746.

17. Robert Coleman III

Robert Coleman lived first in Drysdale Parish, King & Queen Co.
which became Caroline Co. On 2 Dec 1723 (Pat. Bk. 22, p. 226)
Robert Coleman of King & Queen Co. received a patent of 1500
acres of land in Spotsylvania Co., St. George Parish, on the
south side of the middle river of the Mattaponi. On 16 Jun 1727
(Pat. Bk. 13, p. 90) he also acquired an additional 688 acres in
that same county. On 9 Aug 1745, Robert made a Deed of Gift to
son Thomas of 346 acres of these two parcels on the north side
of Robinson Run. Witnesses were Thomas James, Richard Coleman,
and Joseph Ray. Deed was recorded 1 Oct 1745, Book D, p. 238,
Spotsylvania Co.

On 28 Sep 1732 (Pat. Bk. 13, p. 529) Robert was granted 400
acres in St. MargaretÕs Parish, Spotsylvania Co. On 4 May 1734
(Pat. Bk. 15, p. 209) he acquired 400 acres in St. MarkÕs Parish
in the Great Forks of Rappahannock River. On 30 Aug 1744 (Pat.
Bk. 23, p. 723) he was granted 400 acres of Spotsylvania Co.

After Mary died, probably ca. 1735, because she no longer
appears in land records, Robert was living in Caroline Co. in a
home he named ÒPiccadillyÓ. He gave his son Robert 440 acres in
Spotsylvania Co. in 1741 (DB C, p. 155, Spotsylvania Co.
Records). On 4 Feb 1745 he gave 316 acres to his son John (DB
D, p. 172, Spotsylvania Co. Records), part of the 1727 patent of
688 acres.

79. Spilsbe Coleman

Killed by lightening.

Unmarried. Killed by lightening. Will admitted for probate 3
May 1757 (WB B, p. 310, Spotsylvania Co. Records). Spilsbe left
the bulk of his property to brothers Richard, Thomas, Robert and
John, and to brother-in-law William Daniel. Spilsbe was
commissioned 2nd Lt. of the Militia on 4 May 1756 (OB 1755-56,
Spotsylvania Co. Records). From SpilsbeÕs will: ÒThe lease of
Zachary Taliafero to be sold & proceeds distributed amongst the
poor of this parish.Ó

81. Rebecca Coleman

Never married.

82. Frances Coleman

Never married.

19. Elizabeth Coleman

Elizabeth was still living on 26 Mar 1747 when she declined to
be co-executor of her husbandÕs will.

Daniel Brown

Daniel was born by 2 May 1687 because he was co-executor of his
fatherÕs will which was dated May 1708. DanielÕs will was date
11 Mar 1745 and admitted for probate 26 Mar 1747 in Orange Co.
VA. (WB 2. p. 105, Orange Co. Records) Daniel settled in that
part of Essex Co. whcih in 1722 became Spotsylvania Co., and
later Culpeper Co. Daniel was mentioned frequently in the
vestry book of St. MarkÕs Parish. He and Elizabeth lived near
the dividing line of Orange and Culpeper Counties.

20. Edward Coleman

By deed of 5 May 1717, Edward as son and devisee of Robert
Coleman, conveyed to William Fogg a tract of land, 244 acres,
devised to him by his father (D & WB 15, p. 39, Essex Co.
Records). No wife was joined in the deed.

Ann Reeves

Ann was unmarried at the time her mother wrote her will on 4 May
1709. The will probated 14 Feb 1711, names Ann as Òmy whole and
sole executorÓ. She was married to Edward Coleman by the time
Mrs. ReevesÕ will was proved.

21. Ann Coleman

Ann was not mentioned in her husbandÕs will, which was dated 22
Apr 1762.

William III Covington

Will probated 20 Dec 1762, Essex County, Virginia. (WB 12, p.
24, Essex Co. Records)

22. Spilsbe Coleman

intestate (Essex Co. WB 4, p. 242)

Spilsbe married Mary Crow prior to 30 Nov 1715, the date of his
motherÕs will in which Mary was referred to as Òdaughter Mary,
the wife of son SpilsbeÓ. Spilsbe put up a bond of 10,000 lbs.
tobacco to keep an Ordinary in Tappahannock Town. Securities
were brother-in-law Daniel Brown and Joh Farguson, father of
Daniel BrownÕs son-in-law. He was granted a license to operate
an Ordinary for one in year on 21 Jun 1726. (Essex Co. VA OB
1725-29, Pt. I)

Mary Crow

On 21 Sep 1727, Mary came into court and made oath that Spilsbe
had left no will and sought permission to obtain Letter of
Administration. On 21 Sep 1727, she was granted a license to
operate an Ordinary at her house in Tappa Town.

In 1730, Mary married Francis Crane, but their marriage was not
successful. On 15 Jun 1731 she sued Francis Crane for separate
maintenance on the grounds that Òhe beat and abused her so
unmercifully that she could not live with him.Ó The courst
agree with here and awarded her separate maintenance of one-half
the rents belonging to Francis Crane. The rents were to be paid
to William Covington Òfor just support of the aforesaid Mary
Crane.Ó (OB 1720-33, p. 158, Essex Co. Records)

37. Daniel Coleman

Daniel Coleman was in King William County as early as 1719. In 1745, he moved to Goochland County, a part of which became Cumberland County in 1749.



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