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Free Genealogy Resources of Descendants of Robert Coleman Sr. from AD 1622


2. Thomas Coleman

Thomas was a landownder in Abingdon Parash, Gloucester Co. VA.
He was listed on the 1704/5 Rent Rolls with 250 acres. (Records
of Colonial Gloucester Co. Pt. I, p. 87, Polly Cary Mason)

3. Robert Coleman Jr.

As an adult, Robert lived first in New Kent Co., then the part of Old Rappahannock that became Essex Co. He, along with John Madison, was a signer of the 1688 New Kent Petition, the purpose of which was to remove the vestrymen of St. Stephen's Parish. (VA Magazine of History & Biography, Vol. 41, p. 196) Robert was licensed to keep an Ordinary at Hobbs Hole (now Tapphannock) on 10 Apr 1693, and operated the Ordinary until his death in 1717. (Essex Co. VA OB 1, p. 176) On 11 Apr 1700, Robert was appointed a member of the County Court (Essex Co. VA D&WB 10, p. 46) and kept that position until he was appointed Sheriff of Essex Co. on 27 Apr 1710 (Essex Co. VA D&WB 13, p. 314) Robert's will was undated, but admitted for probate on 13 Aug 1713 by Elizabeth Faulconer. (WB 13, p. 439, Essex Co. Records)

4. Joseph Coleman

Joseph was mentioned in land granted to Richard Barnard on 23
Oct 1690. His land adjoined that or Robert Cary, William
Bernard, Francis Ironmonger, and William Fleming in a patent
date 28 Oct 1697. (PB 9, p. 90) Joseph received a grant of 344
acres in Petsworth Parish on 28 Oct 1697 adjoining land of
William Pritchett, William Fleming, and William Bernard for the
transportation of 7 persons into the colony. (PB 9, p. 107) On
13 Oct 1699, he witnessed a deed from John Stoakes of Abingdon
Parish to Ralph Walker. (Deeds and Bond Book. 1694-1701, p.
228, York Co. Records) John Adelston, father of Agnes was a
neighbor of Robert Coleman. The only Coleman on the Petsworth
Parish Rent Rolls for 1704/5 was John Coleman, brother of
Joseph, with 200 acres.

Benjamin Clements

Benjamin was charged with 500 acres of land in Abingdon Parish,
and 400 acres in Petworth Parish on the 1704/5 Rent Rolls. He
may have been the son of Richard Clements who came to the colony
prior to 1636. (PB 1, p. 370) 16 Sep 1683, Abingdon Parish,
Benjamin Clements 150 acres on east side of the road that goes
under the hills and adjoining Major Burwell, Thomas Morrell.
Part of 300 acres conveyed by William Boulding to Rachel his
then wife and to Morgan Lewis. Gift by Rachel in 1680 to said
Clements for life and then to Ann Clements his daughter. p. 19
(Patent recorded in Book 7, p. 290)

6. Daniel Coleman

Daniel was in New Kent County by 1688. New Kent County was divided in 1691 and a good portion of it became King & Queen County. The land Daniel live on in New Kent County became King & Queen County after this division. He was charged with 470 acres on the 1704 Rent Rolls.

38. John Coleman

John Coleman left children whose identities are unknown.

39. Thomas Coleman

Thomas inherited 500 acres of his fatherÕs land in Caroline
County. The existing Caroline County Order Books for the years
1732-1737 show Thomas involved in many legal actions.



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